About Unghearted

UNGHEARTED is an alternative hard rock band from Ahoskie, NC.  They have a 90's alternative hard rock sound, shifting from distortion heavy riffs to smooth melodic melodies, with clear vocals backed by aggressive rock toned screams. Starting out as a two man band, they started putting together songs for their first full album release in September of 2019.  A short time later releasing their debut "Steal My Life" on July 14th, which is currently available to stream and download worldwide.  This collection of songs speaks about life and love, and hits on everything from not giving up on yourself, getting away from abuse, abandonment, dealing with addiction, self reflection, and lost connections.  There sound takes you right back to the small town rock bands of the 90's.  Every effort was made to stay true to that real garage band type raw 90's grunge sound.  Give this band a listen through the "Listen Now" button on the home page where all the links to their available platforms are displayed!


Lucas Ireland - Guitar, Vocals

Lucas Ireland is from Ahoskie, NC.  He started playing music in the 6th grade, starting out on the saxophone and playing that through to the 10th grade, performing with the concert band and marching band.  At age 12, he found a friend with a guitar and sparked his interest. By age 15, the urge to learn guitar was intense!  Finally, he received one on October 31, 1997 (yes, Halloween).  This was the turning point of his musical career and a highlight in life.  He spends every day since struggling to make something out of it.  Starting out learning covers and jamming for friends, he finally started to get it together, performing for folks at the local music scene, a small but well know venue in Murfreesboro, NC named Zakk's Coffee House.  From there, he began to play with others in numerous bands over the years such as Symetrik Society, Shooting Cats with Arrows, Undercross, Unbroken, Modified, Scrapbook, and now in his own original creation Unghearted.

Joshua Thomas - Drums

Joshua Thomas is from Aulander, NC.  His father was also a drummer and played for a local church when Joshua was still very young, which made him really fascinated with the instrument.  He received a drum set from his mother for his birthday when he was 11 years old.  At first, he didn't play very much.  As a matter of fact, he let them sit and collect dust for a couple years before picking up his sticks again.  When he was 13, he started to notice the instruments in the music he listened to, specifically the drums.  From there he started learning covers.  Starting with a lot of heavier stuff at first, Joshua began gradually improving his playing over the next few years.  He worked on covers until he was 17 when, in the fall of 2019, he started playing with Unghearted and putting all that he had learned to use, creating the drums for their first album, "Steal My Life".  At 18 at the time of their release, Joshua still enjoys playing heavy covers and is ultimately better than ever!